Radu Marian Sopranist. EN

Radu Marian


A miracle of nature produced the extraordinary, unique voice of Radu Marian. Born in Moldova in 1977, he comes from a family of artists. His precocious musical talent was first recognized in public at the International Festival of Creation, Moscow, 1989 where he took the Laureate prize.

In 1990, at the age of 13, he was awarded the first prize at the Extraordinary Talents International Festival at Chisinau. After which his concert career flourished while he continued studying piano with Angela Neaga and canto with Maya Severin in the Republican College of Music. In 1995 he began canto master classes at the Academy of Music, Bucharest.

Radu Marian moved to Italy in 1999 at the age of 22. He continued his studies at the St. Giacomo Chapel, Rome under the supervision of Maestro Flavio Colusso, and it was with Calusso that he performed the unabridged operas of Giacomo Carissimi throughout Europe. In 2000 he made his first, acclaimed recording «Alia Vox» for Musicaimmagine accompanied by the Seicentonovecento Ensemble.

Shortly thereafter he made his operatic debut with Nicola Sani and Lucio Gtregoretti ’s opera il Gioco del Mostei  for the Academy of St. Cecilia at the Valle Theatre, Rome.

Radu Marian is a regular guest at some most prestigious European music Festivals. He has performed at the Festival die due Mondi d Spoleto, at the Avignon Festival and the Vilnius Festival.  He has also performed at the Musikverein and Konzerthaus, Vienna, the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, at the Maestranza Theatre, Seville, the Oratorio del Gonfalone, Rome, the Hermitage Theatre, St. Petersburg and the Galina Vishnevskaya Theatre, Moscow.

In April 2010 Radu Marian was singing at the Festival dedicated to the 200-th anniversary of Castrato Venanzio Rauzzini’s death in the UK.